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Russian Revolution in Color, 2007
The Russian Revolution and Civil War were major watersheds of the 20th Century. Now, for the first time, the story of this blood soaked time is being told in full color. New footage from the battlefields, expert testimonies, and exciting colorized archives help to unfold the dramatic story of the Communist rise and seizure of power in 1917.

The Russian Revolution and Civil War
A list of BBC documentaries.

Tsar to Lenin
Tsar to Lenin is one of the most important films made in the 20th century. Its subject is the Russian Revolution of 1917. The viewer never loses his sense of astonishment at being witness to events that altered the course of human history. Before the age of television with its ubiquitous 24-hour instant coverage, there seemed something miraculous about history being captured and preserved on film.

This extraordinary documentary was the product of a complex and contentious collaboration between Max Eastman (1883-1969), the famed American radical and socialist, and Herman Axelbank (1900-1979), a Russian-born immigrant who assembled the greatest cinematic record of a seminal event in world history.

Trotsky: Rise and Fall of a Revolutionary

Vladimir Lenin Documentary